28 December 2008

Celebration For Life (rev)


The special day that you were born
began a celebration to last the whole
duration of your life – a gift for which
you pay no envied fee. So take your
blessing thankfully on every days

The way we mark each birthday fête
with tributes and our intimates displays
in sum on just one day in numbered
hours and gaudy flowers a year of
joy in ‘wakenings.

Thus we wait this special day with pleasure
or unease – knowing we cannot replay a
moment lost or thrown away. So how we
live the days between will credit us to be
repaid in simple kind just once a year.

When you awake and greet each dawn
give thanks again that you were born, and
when you go to sleep each night pray you’ll
wake to further light. Further life and life worth
making the joy behind this celebrating.
© 11 October 2006, I.D. Carswell