25 December 2008

Playground Anarchy

it used to be a free-wheeling World for Cali until
Belgian Gardens State School Townsville QLD
banned alfresco gymnastics during breaks

Cali who is 10 used to cartwheel – do handstands
playground activities deemed more dangerous
than playing tennis, football or even rugby league

motive might have been to prevent serious injury –
but why on Earth ban activity as much a part of
growing up as chase or climbing jungle gyms

authorities who believe they are right to take such
drastic action are wrong – displays of paternal
inanity brand the whole community out of hand

now the guess is what they’ll think up next – a ban
on staffroom cupidity would seem more apt with
children’s playground anarchy left in fact intact
© 27 August 2008, I. D. Carswell