31 December 2008

The Silent Treatment (rev)

I’ll have to have it out with
the mysterious, supreme being –
he causes me trouble needlessly

I am not kidding when I say
we have the same job; but
honestly I’m not looking for his

I’d rather be gainfully unemployed
free of Worldly cares, and I don’t
believe I could do it better anyway 

my major gripe is he still leaves the big
decisions to me. Like defining where
I stand on moral grounds

no shit, it happens
every day
it’s happening right now

instead of saying,
“Do this, or that,”
I get the silent treatment

I suppose the message is –
think for yourself
so now I do it without thinking 

like I’ve done it all my life  – or at least since
my mother let me

come to think of it –
maybe she’s the one
I should be talking to…
© 2006, I.D. Carswell