04 January 2009


Bremelanotide will no doubt
enhance Aphrodite’s splendid
reputation – you may not need
it yet but it will change what you
think of commodity sex anyway

first named PT-141 – late of the
melanocortin agonist’s family it’s
less rooted in bookish mythology
and more the tortuous depths of
contemporary ‘pay for view’ psyche

‘passion on-demand’ should not
equate to a ‘McNooky’ take-away
for a fee – but need we think again 
perhaps PT-141 nasal spray can
mend broken gustatory dreams

it is not to say we don’t need to
spend time connected in tactile
bonds of intimacy ‘tween events
or that real intimacy has a lusty
placebo – so say the randy rats

the damn thing works – as sure
as evidence displays – but if you
feel and know the need for it
then you won’t need the spray
– if you know what I mean...
©5 September 2008, I. D. Carswell