06 January 2009

Appeared Defenceless (rev)

They were small and
appeared defenceless –
until their first altercation.

Even their mother kept clear
of slashing teeth
the macerating snarls.

They shrieked vehemence,
tore at each other, sisters
who slept cosily together

cocooned in a hug of
sibling benevolence –
yet here they would kill.

Five little girls, angels until
jealousy triggered this scene
of inflamed madness,

too bizarre to reason from
their good looks, too well
concealed in their genes.

The Vet explained; these
are real animals once removed
from their origins –

not lap dogs trembling at the feet
of indulgence. But they will
make great companions;

keep them apart, you will
see them become stable
personalities, and he laughed –

that is,
if they survive the depths
of your anxiety.

Cleo and Jane, Ticket
and Lil’ became the best
pals ever,

but Mariette rests still and
lonely beneath the trees.

She never forgave.
© 1 January 2007, I.D. Carswell