12 January 2009

The Same Embrace (rev)

same embrace
We talked by phone with family last night,
not mine or yours specifically but ours, the ones
who’re overseas, the ones we love familiarly.

When little Jake (though not so little now) was heard
to say, “G’bye, I gotta go,” our hearts were breaking;
he’ll always be our baby too – as each of you

are children of our spirit-making, each of you
are keenly sought and brought to mind and
claimed within the same embrace.

We heard the families depart, the handsome faces
animate, alive with energy and radiating charm,
banter racing at a frantic pace.

We could surmise the subtle smiles on parents’ faces,
smiles disguised in patient parents’ graces checked
and balanced, saintly satisfaction chaste

forbearance ushered to the fore, the conversations
at the door, the knowing though you’re going you’ll
be seeing all again real soon.

For now we’re happy just to share that joy with you,
relaxed, fulfilled and tethered sweet by bonds which
make the same embrace within the arms of family.
© 2006, I.D. Carswell