21 February 2009

25 un-momentous, soporific nonentities of me:



1. A list with numbers still lists – whether canted or not.

2. Agreeing with a pistol aiming accuser is not an implicit approval.

3. Telling lies saves time initially.

4. Knowing the difference is insufficient ground for appeal.

5. Judgements are purely logical decisions until you make them.

6. To err is Human, to laugh is Divine.

7. I’ll bet I’ll change this list tomorrow anyway.

8. A first sexual experience isn’t worth waiting for – the tenth, maybe.

9. Marriage is mysterious incompatibilities masquerading as affection.

10. Love is... And it’s pointless denying it.

11. Writers’ block isn’t terminal but sods tossing sods won’t tell you so.

12. Great guitar music still makes me shiver.

13. An oath is both commitment and expletive in a word.

14. Rabbiting your own spuds is deliriously confused fun.

15. Be your own critic – who else gives a shit!

16. Give me a dog’s life any day.

17. Loneliness is self-discovered incompatibility.

18. Bombay Sapphire Gin is a just reward for just about anything.

19. I’ll take mine on crushed ice with lemon twist and tonic please!

20. I can’t imagine life as a vagina.

21. I can’t imagine life without vaginas.

22. The pleasure is in the word fitting flawlessly.

23. Editing is the overindulgent art of applied malice.

24. I think therefore I am thinking, I think...

25. If I exist what am I doing here? Or wherever