16 February 2009

Bitter Sweet (rev)

The events of September 11th 2001
remain too bitter sweet; as well as
2973 innocents confirmed dead
(with their 19 terrorist murderers)
24 are unaccounted for.

An act of violent callousness, cogent
in defeat of true belief, horrific in
every rational sense except its
deplorable and immediate impact.
Now what you ask is bitter sweet.

The facts are too enormous to
contain a sweetness while the pain
endures. But we can surely find a
purpose in our hour of grief, recall
that just revenge is grievous sweet!

Don’t let terrorists defeat you; it is no
religion where they swear their vows –
it is perdition. Slay them with desire
for vengeance, tear out scraggy beards
strangle them with jeers in public streets.
Stone and blind their bloodied eyes with
grinding truth; bode their loathsome
epithets to martyrdom as vaporous lies
– expose and compromise their naked
useless, futile lives.

And when they whine we’re hypocrites
– just smile...
© 2005, I.D. Carswell