14 February 2009

Joining The Crowd

Clearly the one thing that you belong to
says she is the exclusivity of being you
– but of course you don’t see it that way

I belong to the Team says he defensively
I am a Team man through and through
– and be assured, I’ve come to play

in your dreams says she – a Team of
one whose game is to too obscure
to draw a crowd of more than you

he asks surprised whose is this unkind
view – must I aspire to your good Team
in colours, word and deed to earn true blue

that’s up to you she says – chose any Team
or game or rules or who you heckle out aloud
but first you have to join the Crowd

that’s right, the crowd, the mob or throng –
a riot if you will but go along willingly with
the mores and attitudes pertaining thereto

outrageous says he – and I must protest
it chills the essence of the man, explaining
what it means to be essentially Australian
© 27 September 2008, I. D. Carswell