03 February 2009

The Last Excuse (rev)

what is left now that we’ve
used the last excuse – what
is left to justify excess?

the rhetoric at best was very thin when
things began – but to suggest we must
remain and play the hand we’re dealt
by Forces wed to selfish aims
is just insane

the politics of power are lofty heights
with heady flights of fantasy to draw
one on – just playing in those eyrie halls
belies the size of tiny men with hairy
brows and massive heads

we laugh aloud at leadership in debt to
intellect but have we gone beyond our
needs do we exceed capacity to self delude
one must conclude the case – we’re stuck
here in this war to save somebody’s face

or are we whores who’ll sell their souls and
glorify their nether holes in plastic greed
to mollify self-righteous monks who reek
deceit in fiscal grease – believing that our
bowls are filled implicitly with offertory

And is it true you’ll
never see a yanquis’
gift that’s truly free?
© 1 September 2006, I.D. Carswell