23 April 2009

Mysterious Ways


A conundrum worthy of inanities
worst accolades insists I prove
identity through EOI categories
A and B, comprising self same
documentary bits I’ve gone and
lost. To prove who I am I must
produce them to replace them.

What a cockamamie crock of
weasel-piss bureaucracy! This is
the State of Queensland, and as
they proudly say, beautiful on any
day you care to make an observation
yet perplexingly and inexplicably
bewildering the very next.

My wallet, which got itself mysteriously
lost, contained the things I need
to produce in order of priority to
replace a Queensland driver’s licence.
Fortuitously my passport wasn’t with
said wallet or I’d be Stateless as well
as off the bloody road...
© 1 January 2009, I. D. Carswell