26 May 2009

LNP Exposed


“Look, No Plans” Party is at it again
in the guise of harmony; in earlier
year’s synergy produced a useful
hostility between the Queensland
Country Party reinvented Nationals
and Liberal newby out-of-towners.

We’re supposed, I am astounded to
say, believe peace exists between
nominally disparate challengers!
Where have we heard that before?
Oh, back in the days of Jeff Seeney
before his spectacular demise!

Question, has the new name really
changed them in unseemly haste?
Essentially dissimilar entities, they
remain convenience friends and
adversarial enemies linked by a
suffocating need to attain votes.

Believe what you will and beware –
wherever ‘Liberal’ appears in a
Party name the covenant is still
one way; a Liberal ‘National’ in any
guise by default is surmised puppet
of Liberal’s national machine...

© 9 March 2009, I. D. Carswell

Queensland State elections 21 March 2009