16 May 2009

An Orchard Day

Toast with marmalade be damned,
vegemite with honey and a hearty
goober smear (peanut butter mate –
we also make it here), that’s all
I need to start the day.

The coffee, freshly ground by me
and made without delay is easy on
the tongue – brewed while toast is
being done, a perfect German grain
by Lauke baked just yesterday.

Risen sun with avid heat already
steals the morning chill, an ally of
humidity which kills idyllic thoughts
of rustic ease; laboured sweat too
soon a savage breath away.

Summer cyclone season grips the
land again with stifling heat and
drenching rain. There’s no escape
and no reprieve. This is the way
an Orchard working day begins.
© 6 February 2009, I. D. Carswell