28 June 2009

Penitent Bereaved



trepidation sheers away
superior attempts to free
myself from infinite despair
alone one hundred days plus
fifty six declares what words
so far have failed to say

we’ll meet again ostensibly
today in limbo where the life
we shared has disappeared –
a mordancy of signs declare
an ending diffident with
hope beyond ill-rent repair

forty years are neatly held in
dearest memory – a chance
there-in of nascent peace or
comforting yet emptiness
invades the locus of my fears
somnambulant release

seeing you is fraught with pain
you’ve borne too patiently in
acquiescent amity – the scene
in which I bleed to death
before your suffered gaze
a tragic penitent bereaved...
© 23 April 2009, I. D. Carswell

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