30 June 2009

Pointless Tests

0001With Anchovies

no new mail but a three
day old pizza shaves the
rougher edges. It is true
too that the bitter with a
lime wedge has a say– a
mitigated optimism
levitating spirits crushed
in a welter of woebegone

left alone too long makes
each celebration inimitable
reacquainting, like a taste
of anchovies hidden midst
guests who have come a
long way, like flavours
awakening in a miasma
of re-aroused passions
hitherto left to wither

it is here again I say, back
with me and I care, feelings
that comfort; pizza and
beer has more meaning
than this pointless test of
humanities’ meanderings...

© 14 April 2009, I. D. Carswell