24 July 2009

Eating Chocolate Cake


Eating chocolate cake won’t abate
the angst, rules which take a
gustatory argument do not apply.
There is no easy recipe to fake an
exit from the words which fried
your brain; they’re words worth
space as ecstasy in free domain.

I don’t advise to listen less than
resonance allows – while hearing
more observes a sable law of truth
diminishing returns. I’m proud to be
a confidant concerned with polity
I say resist and hint at least you
can persist and still survive.

There are no words to act as keys
betwixt neutrality and gloom. What
you do with fantasy exists within
the loom you energise; the mood
presumes and makes a play begin
when actors speak. It isn’t ever
simply words
© 6 June 2009, I. D. Carswell