26 July 2009

Rugby League

Round 11: Notorious Sharks forward Paul Gallen drifted in troubled waters after being fine $10,000 by the NRL after an alleged racial slur against Dragon Mickey Paea in their 26-4 loss. Paea declined to make an official complaint and the pair made amends at fulltime. However, with the NRL's zero tolerance stance on racism, the breach notice was inevitable. (Getty Images)

The simple way to ease those
nagging agonies which writhe
within the National Rugby League
is change your guiding star

There’s no need to be seen
espousing codes of conduct
detailing behaviours which
bring the NRL into disrepute

You’ll see THEM do it without
agreement or seeking your help
believing they’re keeping you taut
on a precocious moral string

Strange fringe groups leap with
alacrity into centre stage and
whine tuneless controversy with
such vehemence the game reeks

If someone hasn’t resigned this
week from an historic incident
painted blacker than Satan’s ailing
heart they feel they’ve failed

I advise you Gallop from such
trite controversy, abandon TV
news shows where CEO NRL
falls on his apoplectic face

threatening past and present
stalwarts of the game with dire
consequences and imminent
infamy if they don’t repent

there is no day of judgement
pending – Gallop into the sunset
give yourself a break – after
all mate; it is only a game...
© 8 June 2009, I. D. Carswell

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