20 July 2009

Will Of God


The rhetoric dismays my
misplaced sense of decency
if grace had meaning
other than the one assumed
by adding God I could agree.

I’ve never met the man
I am ashamed to say
embarrassed as so much
I learned was in his name
– yet he still stayed away.

Without his hand upon the
lips from which the words
ensue I can be only sceptical
that they are true; and if he
said them, then to who?

“The will of God will never
take you where the Grace of
God cannot keep you” is the
oddball phrase – an argument
embracing eccentricity.

Must I abandon what is me for
two replies which are by right
rewards of mine; I can decline
to send the message on but
surely then the sun won't shine.

I ask my inner voice for its
advice – am told the choice
is never nice, with stipulations
splicing matrices I know the
will of God would never go.
© 23 May 2009, I. D. Carswell

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