31 August 2009



no surprises in banana grove – no snakes
alert for easy prey, even crows negotiate
the lanes between afoot; it is that time of
day when peacefulness expresses scenes
of harmony and great content. I know it
isn’t meant that way, it only seems to be

feathers scattered randomly attest a kill
that left a brood one parent less – a belly
full is blessed in sleep beneath the leaves
and there I see the one bereaved with
wary eye and beak tight-pressed on food
it took to feed the young in growing need

beating rhythms old as time compete for
space within this grove – seasons come
and go and colours grace a place of life
and death in harmony; it’s never more
or less the case and dying lets the living
find a balanced way to breathe
© 14 July 2009, I. D. Carswell