16 August 2009

Er, Um, Ah


On this day when petrol prices
soared again – the QLD subsidy
deceased, I heard in Public Service
speak the words designed to give
us back our confidence

Er, um, ah...

Seems that they apply like aspirin
to reduce a fever’s bite, for free at
least in spite of emptiness that
hollows firm belief – but even no
respite is justified

Er, um, ah...

Today the price of living rose
beyond a threshold limit we were
told to be within our sorry rights –
stopped cold by fiscal mice who
stole and ate our sustenance

Er, um, ah...

I’ll have to pick my nose just to
survive I guess – with options
less a consequence than symptoms
of the State’s malaise; if I endure
I’ll be amazed for sure
© 1 July 2009, I. D. Carswell