25 August 2009

Fatherly Advice

we’ve lived another year and thus are
aged a birthday more. Apologies, at times
like these a father needs proselytise;
what I’ve in mind has occupied your
thoughts before and I am not inclined
to wasting time

of our relationship you’d say you’ve heard
it all but I will try; I’ll always ponder why
freedom to change your mind must be
the most precious thing a man can have –
what I mean is: there are no fixed points
in our universe; no set destinations

living space is colonized with random
chance and outcomes infinite, what you
dream can be achieved and yet may not
attain or need – you’ll change your mind
a thousand times without the world
aware or ever give a damn to care

LCD we are epitomised – essentially, as   
individuals we don’t rate but when we do
it is a fate of rare unity, of combining with
random potential of different authorship;
when we recognise another we begin to
matter; gain a separate point of view      

find perspective, appreciate depth of field 
discover and enter new potential

and it’s not a friendly World I sagely say
to you; that is when changing your mind
becomes positively lethal –
© 8 July 2009, I. D. Carswell