29 August 2009

Her Lips Ambassadors

her lips

an urgency which made
the staid and stable ways
too commonplace consumed
her bashfulness
she’d been aroused within
to heights that soared
all barriers of chaste 

my earthy needs take
pride of place this night
she sighs coos his name
her lips ambassadors with
roving eyes to hold in sight
the glances wild and passionate 

her hands alight place hands
where want dictates to pave
the way while ardour never
quavers urges her to ride on
crests of fervour’s waves
slide to depths and die again
to rise immaculate with each
renewed crescendo 

in growing light of dawn’s
surprise she feels his eyes
fixate upon her face amazed
revelation frames his words
you’re not the devil’s bride
you’re mine he cries – I’d sooner
die than let you run away
© 13 July 2009, I. D. Carswell