27 August 2009

Solo Choruses

solo chorus

different associations apply to
terms like ‘taciturn’ or ‘grumpy’
which fail to censure when on
your own and a bedroom floor
as space for convenience
storage becomes reality

taking Berocca at 5:15 am aids
post traumatic recovery from flu
made bearable by pseudoephedrine
and if you ask why Mexican garlic
on toast with Strasburg sausage –
you’ve never really tasted flavour

these are not idiosyncratic
expressions of individuality
nor do they suggest retreat
from common misapprehensions
about social behaviour – and
they don’t explain me

it is a scene that grows around
actors in a wordless play, where
silence sings in early-morning
dew on a lawn; come light of day
dawn’s glistening fades in the
sad, solo choruses
© 11 July 2009, I. D. Carswell