07 September 2009

Discovering Me


I discern a person I never
knew – perhaps not the
one you did either but a
blurred phantom emerging
from today’s delirium

something is really there

who’d have thought ideas
as estranged as bans on
slow-moving pedestrians
from riding autobahns
could have this meaning

in laughably familiar themes

I can’t play charades as you
do your instincts too adroit
from centuries of social
breeding – with me an
indiscretion of your Royalty

a court jester entertaining avidly

but in a fleeting insight as
meaningless as accidental
capture of a falling
star I burn to death
to understand

where respect is awarded by you

I see what you mean
you’ve made changes
because you can – less
than I deserve although
more than I command

and there, discover me
© 19 July 2009, I. D. Carswell