29 September 2009

Meaty Bites


it isn’t the way I’d imagined
– if I had the imagination – yet
I am examining a receipt from
shopping with painful curiosity
wondering whether I actually
purchased the items listed
on back of an envelope

the documents do not compare –
a shopping list with two things:
coconut crème, and tomato mix
while the receipt contains
more than twenty

discrepancies easily explained by
taste an inner voice says – ten tins
of mix ranging from Moroccan and
Indian style thru peri peri, tomatoes
crushed with basil, Mexican chilli
and lastly, ubiquitous baked beans

however you do have three
tins of coconut crème and a
tub of Greek-style yogurt

wisdom made the remainder
good choices it says – you’ll
enjoy a hydroponic lettuce
as much as the dogs their
Purina meaty bites
© 3 August 2009, I. D. Carswell