03 September 2009

Six Referees


Six referees and still a farce that
never ends; last night’s 3rd (& last)
NRL State of Origin dove to a new
nadir. Mired in controversy before
it began (a player deemed unfit by
NSW cleared to play come Saturday
for Club) it makes one wonder
whether rules are always bent.

And talking heads – I will be rude
and say Phil Gould is leader of the
list in biased commentary (& not a
pretty face – but hey it’s Channel 9),
disgracing efforts made by brighter
lights with ease as consummate as
passing wind. Methinks it’s thusly
done to be insane theatricality.

But Six Referees still galls as rank
lunacy unleashed – two on field,
two to run the lines and two to sit
cocooned and watch TV. A sinecure
avoiding single blame! In the event
a tense display and for the record
anyway, Queensland won some
fights on-field, NSW the game.
© 16 July 2009, I. D. Carswell