10 September 2009

Unopened Mail

12882786_Grieving Male Figure  Uffizi Gallery  Florence

unopened mail tells the story better
the rambling dissertation of a vague
fifteen-second attention span fails
in this plainly broken man

hey, how’re things today – you’re
looking sharp for a loser with no
place to hide and an overdraft
so where’s the mail-order bride?

yeah, over the limit I know but any
attempt at humour when weather’s
this dry has to have tears in it to
bring a sense of relief

no need to make a fuss but a mug
of tea will be great if you’re making
say, why don’t you grab a seat while
I clean the bench and do the dishes

I know you’re trying – I see your lips
trembling shamefully to say thanks
are those really tears in your eyes –
surely I didn’t mention her name
© 21 July 2009, I. D. Carswell