27 October 2009

Hang In There

hang in there

Hang in there the icon screams
ignore the broken fingernail
egg cracked in your pocket
focus on fervid esoterica...!
Who the Hell are you, it
complains – which fingers
are touching the keys?

If I knew it would be a miracle
but frozen vodka makes it less
burdensome than transgression
of balance – an insight you can’t
let run away; teeter on this idea
as you regain sense of Unity
bandaids repair equilibrium!

Can’t use the identity finger to
prove it is me wrapped in this
mock paragon of bandaged
stolidity but I know what you
mean – we’re equally lost; what
we agree is a prima facie case
of nearly negotiable wisdom
© 21 September 2009, I. D. Carswell