21 November 2009

Dog’s Life


He rolls in the rich red dirt
again – purest ecstasy, been
quite a while since true rain
fell so ‘bathe’ the man will
be thinking – ‘shampoo’

Won't get in today he bets
but the weather’s nice so I’ll
nap by the door keep an eye
on things – I know in the end
I will win

He’ll insist on a bath with
that queer shampoo; ‘tho
these days there’s only
me and no doggy remarks
to endure so I’ll be ok

And best of all I’ll be back
where the food is stashed
and all those cashew nuts
I’m a mite partial too. A
Dog’s life? Sez who!
© 8 October 2009, I. D. Carswell