03 December 2009

Surrender Better Sense

Resolve collapsing in upon
itself enfolds mythologies
unbarring blemishes – no
energising oddity is manifest
in making light of sense
impaired directionless

But nothing’s there, no
glimmered passing shadow
shrouded breath of fragrant air
echoes of a lilting laugh
mellow tone so redolent
an absent presence sensed

I’m lost to what I knew
before you grew apart
and flew away – yet still
estranged from whence it
came to grant this daunting
gauntlet you passed on

My loneliness despairs and
knows no reason to prolong
a vapid sham – no motives
weigh defence against my
giving in because it makes
the better sense
© 22 October 2009, I. D. Carswell