09 December 2009

Wrong Side Of The Rail


If it wasn’t for the Melbourne Cup
coming up Tuesday, November third
we’d be stuffed for exhilaration, otherwise
closure of Beerwah’s rail crossing this
weekend has a few hearts dismayed

I heard one 30 year resident planned to
parade nude along the road in protest on
the day it closes; it’s no business of mine
what she does with her clothes but that’s
patently a ridiculous extreme

Commerce on the wrong side of the rail
would seem to be opposed to closure for
purely business reasons - complaining
they face ruin when customer numbers
fail to ring their tills enthusiastically

Wasn’t it always that way (and who gives
a damn now our bespoke overpass – see
diagram, is to be put into use); if they fail
it won’t be from lack of access but the way
they displace their businesses acumen

And the benefits outweigh the whining
although the Pub may not agree; their
modernisation seemed a cue for the
protest to flourish on the other side
of the town’s conflict-ridden rails
© 29 October 2009, I. D. Carswell