11 January 2010

Living Frugally


I may be shy a few superlatives
but grant me space – the sound
of thunder rumbling and a gentle
rain that soothes maternally says
“be at peace within this place”

it is an observation voiced frugally
in choruses desiccated – unforgiving
consciousnesses played by sunburned
failures without a certain start or
less forgiving ends

clemency is nodded as you stand
shirtless simply listening in cool
raindrops to a sole koel calling,
“hey, are you here yet?” An
intimate massage of its majesty

today I cleaned gutters with hands
cut easily by edges I already knew
tacitly small sacrifices that drew
blood – deformed testimony to this
rainfall’s munificence

and yet you claim there’s no need
for change because anything as
godlike as this is plainly too good
to be estranged – or compromised
by further dehydration
© 19 December 2009, I .D. Carswell