27 January 2010

That View

that view made sense when you
espoused it – a “here and now
philosophy with hairy bits extant;
although today’s composure
won’t relent

it says we didn’t know the World
back then; can’t cavil or consent
or least equate to scrutiny that
lent us this – acerbically I’ll wont

we knew the needs as well as they
who played equations with their
stocks and shares – but we were
less imbued with vanity; my fear
was only love of you

and there I am besmeared; to
whom do I owe sustenance? If
it were you I’m free of guilt I
fondly think – you needn’t say
a word

and now these views conspire
to bleed the life of you to whom
my admiration knows no bounds;
our freedom paid no dues for sure
but truly you are not in need 
© 14 January 2010, I. D. Carswell