17 February 2010

Like Delinquency

Definitive America
You can do Web crosswords where
you already know most of the clues

Or sit distanced with headphones
attached, keep the World at arms
length in timelessness preserved
by ‘Definitive America’*

Or you can write, absorb more
of its waste, and listen – which I do

I am amazed at innocence buoyed
in pure voices of those young men
lyrically celebrating our age

Guilt was not invented by their music
and the words were the same used
to describe our visions 

Tears well-up in soaring strains of
The Last Unicorn’, I am raised and
at peace with my delinquency
© 30 January 2010, I. D. Carswell

* Audio CD (Jun 29, 2001)
compiling ‘America’ tracks from
the 70s