24 February 2010

Shopping Trip

Shopping in the Rain

So when are you going to go
fishing then? 115 mm of rain says
nothing’s getting done while the
pleasure of still more to come
remains discrete

And it’s not as if it wouldn't rain
weren’t you there – although, agreed,
enjoyment couldn’t be the
same as standing out in it
soaking up your privileged share

Eight days now you have delayed
a shopping trip in case you miss
a passing shower. Claiming ‘I’m not
that obsessed about it
’ doesn’t quite
ring true somehow

This pique of moribund despondency
paints your thoughts grey and makes
you live anxiously; it’s not for me to
say but you to do – at least shopping
takes the legs off of such unease
© 1 February 2010, I. D. Carswell