19 March 2010

Benson’s Got It Made


Me mate Benson sez 
they’re not fleas just
anxieties translated
by a bunch a sissies
whose Worldly views
are pretty dumb 

Now while Benson’s
never been further
than 30k from his
birth place – what
he says makes an
awful lot of sense 

It’s not too difficult to
rationalise; you’re still
trading adages you’ve
played for bucks since
Adam was a lamb and
yet we’re all stuffed 

But Benson’s got it
made – we’re far too
easily the bait for what
we think, fleas replace
anxieties we treat and
yet they never go away 

I live with fleas as my
reality he says, the thing
is you’re too traumatised
by what you think you
missed or never knew
instead of facing facts 

They’re not fleas in any
way unless you scratch
‘em Benson sez – and
then you have to use
hind paws or teeth
which you don’t have.
© 15 February 2010, I. D. Carswell