05 March 2010



you caught me in-between
those things I didn’t start
and a few
that simply got away

the dozen red ensconced 
on dining table doesn’t 
mean commencement of 
a monumental drunk 

it’s rather the intent
to read each label
carefully before they're
neatly laid to rest 

somewhere between a
sandwich planned for lunch
& need to bake tomorrow’s
bread - plus a made-to-order 

espresso elite -
went off-beam; I should 
explain I do not see these 
things as jobs to do as such 

but mood effects
which gladly seize the day;

and yes those are Xmas cards
maybe two (or three or four) 

year’s worth – 

they kept 
arriving as it were
out of the blue...
© 8 February 2010, I. D. Carswell