13 March 2010

Orchard Weeds


there’s no denying
loving you produces
agonies – where We could
easily defuse the growth of
Orchard weeds I find that
I’m not able to alone

Things still done the same
with sprays applied as if
you’d aimed the wand
within my hand – but
silence steers a course
too far estranged

Without your presence
here the task becomes
a senseless chore
demanding more of me
than I can give and
still be sure

Too many things to do
in keeping eyes appraised
and hands aligned – the
cone of spray adjusted
to the speed I move
avoiding trees

Anathema to think like
this before you left me
on my tragic own – certainty
collapses in the face of me
which visions of the We
we were too easily disowns
© 12 February 2010, I. D. Carswell