17 March 2010

Paid In Full

think wickedly she says and claim
your wayward wages with delight
I’ll be your sensual slave in ways
that might appeal – supply a
greediness to match and beat you
could you sate a lusty fete that
preys upon a wantonness in me

for peace of me engage your sage-
like lave in aching nooks and
crannies just to please, I need your
breath blow sweet and hot with
raw inflated scent, hear urgency
compete for breath’s entanglement,
heed energies untamed belatedly

I need your length and breadth of
firmness checked and balanced by
a measured rhythm tightly paced;
this fluid madness oozing dreams
lascivious and swelling urges takes
me where I bloom and break into
a rash of shrieking shamelessness

come die for me and live again with
ecstasy of misted eyes – breathe
fabled words you conquered me in
need, a famished soul with appetite
expunged by your capacity, plunged
and spent of fiery liquors with intent
and paid in full without apostasy
© 14 February 2010, I. D. Carswell