26 March 2010

Slave Views

A solitary existence should mean less
time is wasted – there’s no confusion
created by mixed messages or intent
of believed hidden agendas. Or so it
would seem; could misunderstanding
originate on only your reflection? 

Yet a clever idea’s inception gives birth
to delusion; not the progenitor’s per se,
just wry recognition of canny insight
seemingly accompanied by counterfeit
patents of originator propriety. So –
who’s going to do the work then? 

It is a garrulous voice spaced between
a healthy vision and what is now a hard
place; when the euphoria fades reality’s
where slave views know no conciliation –
Like its your idea, you want it done your 

way regardless - so why look at me?
© 20 February 2010, I. D. Carswell