15 April 2010

If Words Don’t Rhyme

An ‘almost’ decision in this instance is
as full and as final as the real thing;
fast as my fingers can type I’m into
agreeing something’s there – if I can
stop being too corporeal to see it.

You’d say six shots of vodka from the
freezer at midday normally wouldn’t give
clarity but I’m making pizza while midst
decision – who’s to say that inspiration
isn’t pending public recognition?

I’m not a nuisance as my social graces
affirm and there is no liability extant –
except for decadent traits too passé even
for my own taste but pizza explains it isn’t
malignant or particularly unsavoury.

It’s an expression of where I’d like to be
if someone comes to eat today; like saying
this is me at midday – in mid-decision. 

I wholeheartedly agree you shouldn’t
really care if words don’t rhyme.
© 13 February 2010, I. D. Carswell