26 May 2010


I’m doing my bit
disconnected the reverse
cycle air conditioner
dug out winter woollies; 

reckon I can stand not
lighting the slow burner
‘til Hell freezes over

I am already walking 
places on short trips where
I used the Ute – cutting back
on Library visits by borrowing
more books at a time 

combining recreation with
weekly shopping

That’s not all of it; wont
eat beef or lamb – their farts 

and burps add a staggering
amount of methane at an
increasing rate while land
clearance and deplorable 

livestock practices degrade
the environment

Home-grown veggies
will have to sustain me 

as they did all those bygone
years back on the farm
and keep on doing it for
the next 70 or so years...
© 20 March 2010, I. D. Carswell