06 May 2010

Future Too Late

if the future were too far away
I’d merely leave a note to say
how much I care – we know I
won't be there; and if a case
embracing truths were made
and fairly listened to I’d break
this farcical impasse in stating
where and when I’d rather be

instead I have to be content to
stay within an easy sphere our
leadership maintains; they have
a job to do and we elected them
we must endure their ignorance
ignore the things the very signs
despair will ever change as long
as they remain

and there it is explained; our
climate doesn’t care a whit for
politics or class debate, greed
or trashy shares, divine effects
or astrological phenomenology
it merely recollects that every
bit of carbon freed increases
warming of the atmosphere
© 29 March 2010, I. D. Carswell