02 May 2010

Where You Went

Who am I then? The
piquant expression of a
little sister’s imagination or
aficionado of beer swilling
braggadocio in muscularity’s
arm wrestling epitome
of tattooed freedom

Well, none of those actually
– leastways not tattooed
can’t stand sight of blood
ruined a potential career
tried most things concerned
with cultural reality and
the meaning of words

Learned when a man
praised words randomly
written – a teacher no less
do you understand what they
mean he said? I thought
I did then, at least believed
I had an inkling

You’ll learn, he claimed
times change and so will you
you’ll regret what you never
knew in your unseemly
haste to get there while
I’ll be too late to see
where you went
© 13 April 2010, I. D. Carswell