20 September 2010

Left Buttock Cheek


That hand placed agreeably
on the left buttock cheek made
a potent statement, a somewhat
cute but clearly non-accidental lien
by chance placement ostensibly
through rigors of disturbed sleep

a clean sign of the Bungo Creek
or a ‘this is mine’ mark of
modest ownership (minus bodily
scars) – but really an ear-tag in
effigy meant to bear data of
where agreed tenure applies

‘tho fears of sullied sovereignty
are allayed and the hand soothes
as it reassures, this event and its
happenstance fades into a niche
of shadows being closer to truth
than reality

mistake its meaning in innocence
and break with veracity, ‘branding
proclaims where right with intent
prefers custody of said cheek, by
next week a micro-chip will
complete the arrangement …
© 15 September 2010, I. D. Carswell