16 October 2010

Great Little Idea


When you think about it the
great little idea was a dud
spent an hour making fiddly
arrangements – you could
say delicately threading a
power cord for the portable
radio through a study wall
suggests ingenuity but in the
event made no difference

static still invades ABC

defending complex relocation
as overtly rational cries insanity;
one can propose it runs off
batteries therefore is infinitely
relocatable – if said batteries
are in it, have been recharged
recently or are in contiguously
strange places pending

yet again, supposed roots in
commonsense invade what
is both everyday and benign
territory – I freely admit the
idea arose because of Plasma
TV! It is complicated, I agree
but I did succeed in reducing
interference on said radio by
moving it around the room a
little bit in the first place...
© 1 May 2010, I. D. Carswell