04 October 2010

Last Of The Dinosaurs


A quaint case of an Abbott and
two Bishops on the Front Bench while
the rat Minchin is to be content with
resources and energy; Ruddock
back as shadow cabinet secretary –
hard to believe, but true, whereas
Barnaby Joyce is to head finance!

Shaking one’s head in bewilderment
suggests the mix is a heady cocktail
of head-in-sand incomprehension
about where the future stands;
unless one views it as already
behind us, being unattainable
and therefore sacrosanct

I like the way Abbott says ‘if I’m
proved wrong I’ll be marooned
on an island of stupidity but I
might be right and a hero’
He could be, I agree, and still
doomed to extinction within an
hierarchy of dinosaur proclivity
© 14 December 2009, I. D. Carswell