20 October 2010

Late Afternoon


In some respects it was late
afternoon; lunch an hour or two
spent ‘tho still fresh in memory – I
suppose they had intended changing
clothes preparatory to going wherever
and undressing together simply
inflamed something

perhaps an irresistible ardour
left them breathlessly deranged
these were not newlyweds playing games
but seasoned conjugal athletes used
to physicality of work and play
yet on this day they were children
caught in a relentless bent of
unflagging passion’s grip

let it be said she exclaimed
I didn’t start this thing but I’ll be
damned if I let it end in a whimper
if you can’t arrive soon I’ll arrange
a deputy who’ll see more with
eyes closed than the tip of a
gossip’s wagging tongue

and he did as she wished
so she came and went …
© 4 March 2010, I. D. Carswell