25 October 2010

Solo Wind

solo wind

There may be better ways to deal
with loneliness – can I assume your
practise works for you because I
never see your days of blue despair?

For mine I cannot break a silence
fixed behind the mask I wear, a painted
face contrived with smiling eyes
allays what should be seen so easily

Where you are free I am confined
within a narrowing of who I am
a faux expression of the man who
holds onto your image sacredly

Move on you say, release the past
and breathe again; there is no shame
or failing in a love that simply ran
its course and sadly passed away

I listen for a harmony to lend me
wisdom’s ears – a peace contends
within the silence of a parting then
but I can only hear a solo wind
© 20 May 2010, I. D. Carswell