18 November 2010



Didn’t start out this way, kept
mostly to the old straight and
narrow – guess it no accident
I changed though; I had seen
where mass impacts reason
insanity breeds as a form of
reassuring stability – so

gittin’ drunk ever’ night takes
on mo’ of an ambit – yeah, ah
know y’ don’t unnerstan’, says
whut I am but; looked it up in
a dictionary, it means: domain,
field, realm, sphere, territory

that sort of thing.

It’s my bag. Like I’m in place
and there’s no mistaking who
or what’s here; sober ‘til 6 pm
and hey whoopee – lookit ‘im
boogie! Playing fool for free in
my own space hurting nobody
is ambit ‘nuff fo’ like’s of me
© 25 May 2010, I. D. Carswell